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'Standard' Data Types JDPF Standard Data Types

The so called 'standard' data types are a set of data types that have been developed by the JDPF team in order to bootstrap the project. They include management of numeric (including unit of measures) and textual data with or without time stamps. Simple data types for managing images are provided too. In details:

Delimited File Reader Basic Data Types

They include:

The basic data types include also the definition of the series of the above data types. Thus, for managing a list of numeric values (for instance corresponding to patient's vital signals acquired by hospital monitors) a 'Measure Series' would proabably be used.

Basic Data Types

Delimited File Reader Temporal Data Types

As our background is strongly related to medical informatics (mainly patients' data analysis), the timestamp of data is really important to us. The temporal data types are extendig the basic data types with the timestamp. Single timestamped data can be embedded in the series defined in the basic data types package.

Basic Data Types

Delimited File Reader Media Data Types

The 'Media' data types are currently including a data structure for managing RGBImages and histograms related to the images.