» April 2, 2008
We are proud to announce that the JDPF Visual Editor is almost ready! After a few other tests we aspect to release it by the middle of the month.

» December 4, 2007
New JDPF Wiki!

» December 1, 2007
Version 1.0 beta of Java Data Processing Framework becomes public! JDPF is an open source project with Apache 2.0 license.

» July 8, 2007
IDAMAP 2007, Amsterdam, Netherlands
An Extensible Software Framework for Temporal Data Processing.

» November 12, 2006
AMIA 2006 Annual Symposium, Washington D.C., USA
A Framework for Temporal Data Processing and Abstractions.
Ciccarese Paolo.


Welcome to JDPF!

The Java Data Processing Framework (JDPF) helps you in the definition, generation and execution of standard and custom data processing. JDPF has been designed to be modular and estendable. For these reasons, we decided to implement it in Java™ through OSGi technology which provides a service-oriented, component-based environment for developers and offers standardized ways to manage the software lifecycle.

JDPF Component

You can use JDPF for defining your own data analysis procedure reusing already provided modules or developing your own solutions. Briefly, the data processing is performed by 'components' (or nets) that are composed by a pipeline of reusable 'modules' (or blocks). Modules are developed on the top of the JDPF framework. Data flow through the pipeline embedded in suitable data types. You can read more about the components structure and definition here.

JDPF ExamplesJDPF ExamplesJDPF Examples    Some examples of what you can do with it!    JDPF ExamplesJDPF ExamplesJDPF Examples  

Current Status and Future Directions

JDPF is an open source project, currently developed and maintained by a small group of people. As our hope is to be able to evolve into a wider community, we welcome collaborations/contributions of all types. If you are interested in knowing more about our past work you can read it here.

The current code base includes:

We are currently working on: